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About us

  • Modern Desert Company is a Saudi company specialized in the field of electronics and computers, as we seek to meet the aspirations of youth and promote the market locally and regionally by providing services compatible with the modern and developed changes taking place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in all different fields.
  • Modern Desert Company was established in 2019 and has grown through the efforts of a creative and innovative work team in the field, based on the use of the latest methods and developed strategies, striving to be a leader in the field by developing innovative solutions to deal with challenges in the technical field and contribute to achieving the corresponding goal of 2030.
  • The Modern Desert Company is deeply rooted in the field, and it is committed to harnessing it, in the Developmental activities for the technology sector of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, It also presents supportive opportunities for professional development and provides challenges and renewable jobs to support the determination of youth energies, because of the makeing plans, training and professional programs by holding universities with universities and training organizations.
  • Modern Desert Company relies on building and establishing the basic building block of Passionate and highly motivated employees, aiming for the customer to obtain a distinctive and satisfactory experience by providing tailored solutions that enable the upgrading of the assets and assets of our clients’ institutions, as we seek to contribute to the fields and community projects.

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    Our vision is to be the most distinguished and superior in the field of technical equipment and devices, and to be the gateway contributing to individuals and institutions in increasing their knowledge and distinction in the electronic field, through community development and fulfilling their needs and requirements.

      Our Message

      We seek to unleash our potentials in the field of technology and contribute to its optimal use, and work to find and form common communities in the field.

      Our Goals

      1- Raising the quality and effectiveness of Modern Desert technologies at the local and the regional levels.

      2- Highlighting the technical sector and serving the community in the entertainment and the educational field.

      3- Providing solutions and consulting for the technical problems in the field.

      4- Expanding various technical fields and ensuring their development.

        Our Values

        1- Delivering on the promise.


        3- Reliability.

        4- Community Contribution.

          Our Principles

          1- Achieving innovation and excellence.

          2- Contribute to the development of technical business.

          3- Investing in talent.

          4- Social responsibility.