Here’s Why Every Global Brand Should Have A WeChat Store

James Love

Social Commerce, WeChat

February 9, 2019

What is WeChat?

Have you heard of the ‘super’ app, WeChat? It’s changing day-to-day life in China and the preferred method of communication in China. For preservative, WeChat is bigger than any social media app popular in the United States. In fact, WeChat has more active users than both Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat combined and considered to be a ‘ super app’ because you can do everything from communicating to friends and family, pay rent, buy tickets or use its’ mobile payment services, WeChat Pay and interactive shops, called WeChat stores.

Launched back in 2011, WeChat has quickly risen into becoming one of China’s most preferred app. Morphing into more than just a communication app into an all-in-one app. Although it has similar features as Facebook and Instagram, you can use the app to do more than connect with friends. WeChat allows you shop online using their WeChat Store, pay your bills, schedule food delivery, buy transportation tickets and you can use the app for transactions using WeChat Pay all without leaving the app.

Why WeChat is Good For Business

With over a billion active users, China’s rapidly growing middle class, and a growing population of super users, meaning use the daily app services more than 30 times for its’ various services. The app has quickly caught the attention of many brands and many more brands have begun exploring how they can expand their market by using WeChat.

When you break it down WeChat stores are the perfect medium for both local companies and big brands to go global, especially those who see China as a high growth potential market. Unlike anything before, by utilizing WeChat you can go global way more economically; while maintaining your brand identity and reaching millions and millions of new consumers.

Recent updates to the app have now allowed companies to create interactive installations, that help the companies better understand the consumers to understand how to better market them. The fashion industry was one of the first market to understand how lucrative WeChat stores could be and understand all that had to offer. In fact, Burberry was a trailblazer in the commerce aspect of WeChat launching their first WeChat Store back in 2016, at the peak of fashions’ ‘see now, buy now’ craze.

Fashion Took Notice

Although the luxury fashion industry was just showed the same level of  apprehension for WeChat Stores as they did to creating websites, they both seem to be a profitable expansion.   For example, iconic British luxury fashion house, Burberry has expanded their WeChat store;  and even patterned with a popular Chinese blogger Mr. Bags for the launch of its’ DK88 handbag, that was made exclusively for Burberry’s WeChat Store made specifically  for the Chinese market.

Following Burberry’s footsteps, numerous luxury fashion and jewelry brand such as: Céline, Gucci, Coach, Michael Kors, Dior or Cartier have entered the WeChat market. However, not every luxury brands have allowed consumers to purchase their products directly from the websites. Instead, they offer gift card programs or offer services that you can redeem offline or created interactive games such as, Gucci’s sticker game.

Aside from the notable high-end fashion, jewelry brands and beauty brands that have all flocked to WeChat in hopes to tap into a portion of WeChat billions of users; many mass and smaller retailers have also taken notice and began to create their own WeChat stores.

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